Nurse monitoring


High quality video and audio are crucial for the reliable detection of seizures. recommends using professional grade cameras from Axis. Axis is a leading manufacturer of network cameras from Sweden. The company is a frequent supplier of cameras for hospitals and sleep labs.

These cameras are equipped with pan, tilt and zoom functionality. Video is streamed in High Definition and night vision capabilities are excellent. The cameras also stream audio in studio quality.

In addition to video and audio quality superior to any consumer product in the market, the cameras have the advantage of very low noise operations. Thus camera positioning by the nurses to follow patient movements during the night will not disturb the patient’s sleep.

The video below provides an impression of the cameras excellent zoom and night vision capabilities.

One well positioned camera in the patient’s room is typically sufficient. However for patients who move around a lot in bed during the night, a second camera monitoring the bed from a different angle could be considered.