About us

epiNightNurse.com - an Internet-based service for epilepsy monitoring during night-time – was set-up by Tamara Coche in 2015.

Tamara is mom to two boys, Gernot and Wolfram - now 8 and 10 years old. Gernot who was born with hydrocephalus developed epilepsy at the age of one. One of Tamara’s greatest concerns were non self-terminating seizures, which can not be adequately managed by medication. To mitigate the risk of unnoticed events during night-time, she and her husband started taking shifts to watch him sleeping. Now this surveillance is performed by nurses in the Philippines on the Internet. This was the start of epiNightNurse!

Tamara’s objective is to deliver with epiNightNurse.com a reliable and affordable service to make patients feel safe at night and for parents have get a good night rest.

epiNightNurse.com is based in Basel, Switzerland.